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And Book Smarts Collide.

Did you ever want to take an MBA course in entrepreneurship? Well, we've got the crash course. On The Shrimp Tank, we interview some of the brightest and best CEO's around the country to get the executive course on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Tim S. Marshall / Author, Entrepreneur, & Keynote Speaker

Author, entrepreneur, and speaker Tim S. Marshall (https://timsmarshall.com/) built a Florida-based tech start-up featured as one of Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies in America” for 4 years in a row, experiencing record-breaking growth and “thriving through three of the toughest years seen in the living memory of Corporate America.” – Inc. magazine. His first book “The Power of Breaking Fear” (www.thepowerofbreakingfear.com) was an Amazon.com best-seller for independently published Florida-based authors and he’s written a series of 6 books on entrepreneurship, personal growth, sales, relationships, and Millennials in the modern workforce.  Continue reading

David Viteri / Viteri Global Marketing

David Viteri is the principal of Viteri Global Marketing, a boutique digital marketing firm that gets visibility for local small to mid-size businesses through their search engine optimization, content creation and social media optimization tactics. Continue reading

Logan Rae / Bacon Box

Logan Rae is an American entrepreneur and seasoned digital marketer. At age 20, Rae along with the help of Kimberly Hruda launched a “first of its kind” company, Bacon Boxes, which created bacon roses for nationwide distribution. In 2016, Bacon Boxes was named one of SCORE’s American Small Business Champions and traveled to Texas for intensive training. Continue reading

Scott Hendler / Scotty Wonders

Scott Hendler is a Professional MMA Fighter \ Strength and Conditioning Coach – turned master craftsman and founder/owner of Scotty Wonders. His first business was District 44, a private personal training studio specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and athletic performance training. When he built his studio he built it with his own two hands, including the brick and reclaimed wood walls and the furniture within. Continue reading

Elias Janetis / Squeeze

Elias Janetis is the founder of fin tech startup Squeeze (squeeze.com). Elias is an Entrepreneur, investor, creative, & risk-taker. Elias previously founded Mobile Help, which he exited last year when the company was acquired. Elias is serial entrepreneur with multiple successful startups.  Continue reading

Steven Fleisher / Two Degrees

Steven has more than a decade of experience in mobile application development, accelerated when the App Store launched in 2008. He produced one of the most downloaded entertainment apps in the App Store, reaching #1 on top charts in 2009. Continue reading

Ian S. Horowitz / Horowitz Legal, PLLC

Mr. Horowitz focuses his practice on estate, gift, federal income, and generation skipping transfer taxation and related business transactional matters. He provides counsel to businesses and individuals on entity formation, tax efficient structures, and overall business strategies. Continue reading

Ryan Zuckerman / Zuckerman Homes & Zuckerman Realty Corp

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Ryan Zuckerman joined the family building business and became the fourth generation to enter into the real estate industry. Before specializing as a builder/developer, Ryan worked as a real estate agent and mortgage broker. This experience has afforded Ryan with a truly unique and comprehensive understanding of the real estate market. Since joining Zuckerman Homes in 2003, Ryan has bought, sold, built and developed over 2,000 homes throughout Florida. Continue reading

Janice Haley / Tone-y-Bands

Janice Haley is the CEO & Founder of Tone-y-Bands, a fitness company that markets innovative wrist weights. Janice has a passion for and develops products that help people fit fitness in to their busy lives through incremental changes to their daily routines.  Janice has over 30 years of strategic and tactical expertise in manufacturing operations, business development, sales, marketing, and public relations. Continue reading