Boca Raton

Ep. 52 – Luis Terrero – Co-Founder of Bardot Salon

Luis Terrero / Bardot Salon

Luis Terrero (Moreno) is co-founder of Bardot Salon in Boca Raton. Bardot is a family owned business where they believe the body emanates from the inside out. There primary goal is to serve both the client and their family. Established in 2012, Bardot Salon and Spa’s mission is to touch every client by inspiring their personal best. They are dedicated to providing a place for growth, in mind, body, and soul

Ep. 31 – Bruna Lima – CEO of Brukinis

Bruna Lima / Brukinis

Brukinis is a Brazilian style bikini brand founded by Bruna Lima. She always struggled to find her ideal bikini and it was always her dream to start her very own bikini line and now it has become an exciting reality. Being from Brazil she wanted to bring her audience an all new creative trendy and cheeky bikini line read more…

Ep. 30 – Cary Reichbach – Founder of Trainerspace

Cary Reichbach / Trainerspace

Cary Reichbach was born in Los Angeles, California but has lived literally all over the world. After joining the US Army just out of high school, he volunteered for any high-performance training the military offered, including the French Commando warrior program taught by the infamous French Foreign Legion read more…

Ep. 29 – Jaime Legagneur – Founder of Flint Stone Media & Florida Podcast Network

Jaime Legagneur / Flint Stone Media & Florida Podcast Network

Floridian since 1982. Chief Enthusiasm Officer. Jaime’s podcast career began in 2014, when she launched Curve the Cube, and she later followed with Eggheads After Hours in 2016. She founded the Florida Podcast Network in August 2017 with the goal of helping businesses and brands read more…

Ep. 28 – Brandon Brennan – Founder of Get Fit Academy

Brandon Brennan / Get Fit Academy

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. My name is Brandon Brennan. I was born in the suburbs of New York. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology Movement Science. Since I was young, my passion in life has been to make people feel good read more…

Ep. 27 – Matthew Williams – Founder of FROPRO

Matthew Williams / FROPRO

It wasn’t until overnight that Matt lost everything he thought was important that he realized he had to make a change. Matt was fortunate to have a strong support system and ability to receive proper treatment to overcome his addictions.  Matt began chasing after his ideas read more…

Ep. 26 – Peter Maestrales – CEO & Founder of Airstream Jets

Peter Maestrales / Airstream Jets

Boca Raton native, Peter Maestrales, got an early start on his aviation career with his first flying lesson coming at age 10 and by spending much of his childhood at executive airports in South Florida. The Maestrales family has been active in the Business Aviation community in South Florida for over 40 years. read more…

Ep. 25 – Joey Brander – President of First Serve Partners

Joey Brander / First Serve Partners

Beginning his career on television and the radio working internationally for Disney Channel and Radio Disney, in 2009, Joey Brander became the youngest person to co-host a CBS-affiliate television show in the United States. He followed that achievement by becoming the youngest to have their own weekly show on an ESPN Radio affiliate read more…

Ep. 24 – Sarah Blain – Founder of My Palm Beach Box

Sarah Blain / My Palm Beach Box

Sarah Blain loves Christmas, and her wish list was checked off when her Santa-inspired business aired on Shark Tank. The hit show’s producers chose the Delray Beach single “momtrepreneur” out of thousands of submissions to make her pitch for an investor in her bustling business, Sealed by Santa. read more…

Ep. 22 – Erik Mintz – Organizer at TEDxBocaRaton and Co-Founder of DealCoachPro

Erik Mintz / TEDxBocaRaton  & DealCoachPro

Erik Mintz has 25 years in the software industry, both in SMB and Enterprise markets. He’s skilled in Product Management, Agile, Product Marketing, Category Dynamics, Competitive Intelligence, eCommerce and Event Management. He has strong business acumen with a focus on Entrepreneurship. read more…

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